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Services We Provide

  • The Squad provides emergency medical care to the Township of Jefferson, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


  • The Squad assists with the earning of badges and provides emergency medical training to our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.


  • You will see the Milton First Aid Squad providing coverage at all our Jefferson Township High School Falcon football games. You'll will also see the Squad at both the high school and middle school graduations. Many times the Squad also provides emergency medical coverage at many other township events, 


  • The first aid tent at Jefferson Fest is manned by both the Milton First Aid Squad and Jefferson Township Rescue Squad. You'll also see the rigs in the parade earlier that day.


  • The Squad has available to Township residents a variety of items such as walkers, commodes, crutches and wheelchairs. These are available free of charge for as long as a person might need them.


  • When needed, the Milton First Aid Squad provides mutual aid to its neighboring towns.


  • The Squad accompanies Jefferson Township Fire Company #1 on all its calls, providing first aid and rehabilitation for firefighters and others. 

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