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Our Proud History


The Milton First Aid Squad was established in 1959. Before the start of the Milton First Aid Squad, West Milford First Aid Squad provided emergency care from their Rt. 23 facility.


The Milton First Aid Squad came about because a small group of people recognized the need for professional first-aid services within our community. Alex Durosky and Jack Kelly, who served Jefferson Fire Co.#1, were instrumental in organizing the people and the effort.

On Memorial Day, May 30, 1959, the Milton First Aid Squad went into service with a donated 1948 Cadillac hearse which was painted and refurbished for use as an ambulance. This was the usual form of transport to the hospital back then. The Milton area of Jefferson Township now had its own First Aid services. The original dispatchers were Jack and Rose Kelly, Alex and Rita Durosky, Emil and Dot Norman, and Larry and Mary Parr. These dispatchers received the call, gathered the necessary information, then proceeded to telephone the duty crew. In 1969, the Milton First Aid Squad purchased plectron home receivers, a device that permits members to receive the calls simultaneously, and these were activated by the dispatchers at the police department.


The Milton First Aid Squad began with 32 members, both male and female;  Some of them are your friends and neighbors! Today we still volunteer our professionalism, and have a membership of over 40 active people. The members we have today are like those of over 40 years ago - men and women, friends, neighbors, teachers, moms, dads, high school students, college students, the list is endless. And so is their dedication to our community, to our need for a free Emergency Medical Service.

Until 1975 the Milton First Aid Squad was housed in the Firehouse on Milton Road. The Squad is eternally grateful to them for their support and facilities. Through numerous hours of donated labor on the part of Squad members, as well as the magnificent generosity of local contractors and citizens, the dream of having our own base for the ambulances and crews became a reality.


The new facility permitted the Milton First Aid Squad to expand its free, professional services to the community. We now have three fully equipped ambulances at the ready. The ambulances are bigger for patient care and comfort, and hold a lot more gadgets than they used to! It's better for everyone!

Through donations we collect wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers, and many other items that would help our community residents in their time of need. These items are available to township residents or their families.

The last few years in the building have given our Squad the opportunity to mature and grow, to become a family. Forty-nine years have passed since the Milton First Aid Squad began serving the residents of the Milton/Oak Ridge area of Jefferson Township. The first twenty years were the hardest, as are all beginning years when starting a new family or business. But, with the financial, physical, and moral support of our township governing body, and our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens, we have a very proud history.

To the charter members, we, and the community of Milton/Oak Ridge, thank you for your foresight. We, the present members, pledge to carry your commitment of First Aid excellence and Medical professionalism into this, our new millenium.


Thank you to all our volunteers who so willingly give to our community for free. Volunteers really do give from the heart.

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